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Landscapes , Adventures of the Pacific Northwest. Adventures in the High Desert and Eastern Oregon!

South Fork Crooked River Oregon

15 Apr 2015

This is the South Fork of the Crooked River in the Ochoco Mountains here in Oregon ! Continue reading

Mount Jefferson Oregon

02 Dec 2014

Meet Mount. Jefferson on the Cascade Mountain range here in Oregon! Continue reading

Adventure in the Canyon

01 Jun 2014

As some who follow along on twitter know, I headed out Sunday into the canyon. Typically Guy comes along however he had chores to. Continue reading

When The Visitors All Go Home

18 Oct 2012

When the visitors all go home, everything goes quiet. What once was full of people, is now empty.A quiet calmness takes over. Continue reading

Sahalie Falls Nature Photography Pacific…

10 Jul 2012

Welcome to Sahalie Falls on the McKenzie River Oregon! Continue reading