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Insects of Oregon. The Pacific Northwest USA

Vivid Dancer Dragonfly Eating A Spider

15 Apr 2015

Meet the Vivid Dancer Dragonfly! I captured this one eating what I think is a spider!? Continue reading

Bumblebee Hard At Work

09 Apr 2015

Meet again this Bumblebee! This Bumblebee is working on a Foxglove Flower, even this big Bumblebee can still fit into the flower blooms! Continue reading

Mud Dauber Wasp in The High Desert

08 Apr 2015

Meet the Mud Dauber Wasp that we have at our pond getting what else? Mud! Continue reading

honey bee on a bachelor button flower

27 Jan 2015

Most folks know of the Honey Bee? If not here is a example of the Honey Bee! The flower the Honey Bee is working on is a Bachelor. Continue reading

Bald-faced Hornet Eating

22 Jan 2015

Meet the Bald-faced Hornet. I came upon what I think is the same Bald-faced Hornet on several different days in our garden. Continue reading

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