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Frogs Toads Snakes and Lizards of Oregon. The Pacific Northwest USA

Wild Frog Eating in the High Desert

Meet this wild Frog Who had just ate something? Continue reading

Tadpoles or Pollywogs FROGS

Meet the Tadpoles of our pond! We have had the frogs / toads here at the house for some time. Mostly the common species Pacific Tree. Continue reading

Yellow Legged Frog Of Oregon

Meet this rather colorful frog that showed up one day in our small pond! Continue reading

Spadefoot Toad Mating Time

Welcome to a scene that was going on in this pond the other morning! It is mating time for more then the birds and the bees right. Continue reading

Spadefoot Toad Back in Oregon

Meet again the Spadefoot Toad that lives here at our property showing up once in a while in our pond. Continue reading

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