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Deer , PronghorDeer , Pronghorn , Elk of Oregon . The Pacific Northwest USA

Mule Deer Bucks of The High Desert Of Oregon

Meet the Mule Deer Bucks of the High Desert. Guy (my other half), claims I do not show my photographs of the Mule Deer Bucks enough.. Continue reading

Antelope Herd Ochoco Mountains Oregon

As morning was breaking high up in the Ochoco Mountains we came across this herd of Antelope. Continue reading

Buck In Rut Charging In Oregon

I photograph several Antelope bucks every year here in Central Oregon. Never had one charge me before!! Continue reading

Sisters Mountains and The Mule Deer

Photographs like these do not come around a whole lot. This is a set of photographs of the Mule Deer and Faith, Hope and Charity commonly. Continue reading

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