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Birds Of Prey of Oregon. The Pacific Northwest USA

Fledgling Bald Eagle In The High Desert

13 May 2015

Meet this young Bald Eagle who lives at this time in the High Desert of Oregon! Continue reading

Red-tailed Hawk In The High Desert

27 Apr 2015

Meet the Red-tailed Hawk of The High Desert of Oregon! If you visit here and see a Hawk, this might just be the Hawk you see first? Continue reading

Local Owl Resident in the High Desert of…

10 Dec 2014

Meet one of our local owls on my walk here in our town! Continue reading

Eagle Being Attacked by Hawks

03 Dec 2014

Our town we have quite a few larger birds of prey, as the photograph taken above of the red tailed hawk which is one of a series of. Continue reading

Time Spent With A Wild Hawk

16 Nov 2014

I came upon this Hawk as I was coming back from a walk here in my town in the High Desert of Oregon. Figuring the hawk would fly off. Continue reading

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