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Birds Of Prey of Oregon. The Pacific Northwest USA

Bird Of Prey List

Bird of Prey list. Photographs and information from Mrsroadrunner Photography. Continue reading

New Oregon State Bird

09 Apr 2017

New Oregon State Bird For my lifetime as well as many of you the Western Meadowlark has been Oregon's state bird.Given the status. Continue reading

turkey vulture feeding in the ochoco mountains

16 Aug 2015

Meet the Turkey Vulture of North America. This is a graphic wildlife post. Please stop now if you do not like seeing wildlife feeding. Continue reading

Bird of Prey Visitor

05 Jun 2015

Meet the Bird of Prey that showed up here to the house yesterday! I believe this to be a Coopers Hawk and not the Sharp Shinned Hawk. Continue reading

Red Tailed Hawk Flying Above

27 May 2015

While visiting the High Desert of Oregon you may want to remember to look up! Sometimes flying far up, sometimes coming a tad bit. Continue reading

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