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Birds - Insect and Seed Eaters of Oregon. Pacific Northwest USA

Wilson's Warbler Bird

Meet the male Wilson's Warbler !Meet the male Wilson's Warbler ! Continue reading

Finch Fledgling Begging For Food

Meet the wild Finches! This is the first one who got my attention! The Finches are year round song birds here at the house! The fledgling. Continue reading

European Starling of the High Desert

Meet one of the most hated birds in our area, the European Starling, or just plain old Common Starling. Some report that Shakespeare. Continue reading

Western Kingbird of Jefferson County Oregon

The Crooked River National Grasslands is rather close to where we live here in Jefferson County Oregon , so we spend a lot of time. Continue reading

Lewis Woodpecker of The High Desert of Oregon

This is the Lewis's Woodpecker I photographed here in our part of Oregon perched on a old fence post. Continue reading

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