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Birds - Insect and Seed Eaters of Oregon. Pacific Northwest USA

Pheasant At My Garden

Meet the Pheasant, a common game bird who is found in Oregon as well as many states here in the USA. Continue reading

Gray Jay Bicolored Ochoco Mountains Oregon

While deep in the Ochoco Mountains we ran across a nice flowing creek. I love running water and just had to stop!! Continue reading

Spotted Towhee In The High Desert

Meet the Spotted Towhee! The Spotted Towhee has been a constant resident here in our garden in winter clear into spring! Continue reading

The Robin Fledgling That Left The Nest

One thing to be sure of, we have several fledglings here every year! Continue reading

Robin Bird Fledgling

Meet this baby Robin Bird! I have several posts about different Robin bird fledglings that are waiting for their meal from the adults. Continue reading

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