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Black Cat Crosses My Path Pet Photography

09 Sep 2010

Actually everyday for this is my kids cat lol!

Now being 2013 his cat is doing very well. We had some kids in the corn trying to catch him to take him home one year, in which my sons cat wanted nothing to do with these kids and I had to run the kids out of my garden before they destroyed to much.

My sons cat has also made himself at home at a elderly neighbors house for food and she actually feeds him haha. Sometimes I think this elderly neighbor is way to attached to my sons cat, but what do you do?

This neighbor has had folks watching her place as she was in the hospital. One of these times I actually had a women tell me my sons cat was not my sons cat but a long haired black cat of the ladies haha. I just had to tell her to call my sons cat the other cats name and see how he responds ha!

My sons cat does not like strangers one bit and runs to either my son or I for protection.

My sons cat gets around....

Being 2017 now, my sons cat has gone through some changes as he grows older. He seams to like the folks that stop by now! I introduced him to some of the neighbors. The cat has been hanging out at the house more often. The cat is a 2006 baby and like everything who gets older, home is a pretty darn good place to be!

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