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Birds - Insect and Seed Eaters

23 Jul 2017

Birds - Insect and Seed Eaters 

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  1. American Dipper or Water Ouzel by Coralie
  2. American Goldfinch Fledgling
  3. American Goldfinch and Fledglings
  4. American Robin Bird Fledgling
  5. Baby Starling
  6. Black-headed Grosbeak
  7. Cedar Waxwing Bird in the High Desert
  8. Deformed Pacific Northwest Bird
  9. Downy Woodpecker Catching a Meal
  10. European Starling of the High Desert
  11. Evening Grosbeak Visiting
  12. Female Spotted Towhee in Her Natural Environment
  13. Finch Fledgling Begging For Food
  14. Flying Western Meadowlark
  15. Golden Crowned Sparrow
  16. Gray Jay Bicolored Ochoco Mountains Oregon
  17. Hanging Out With A Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  18. High Desert Game Bird
  19. House Finch Feeding Young Wildlife Photos
  20. House Finch Stopped By
  21. Hummingbird On The Columbine Flower
  22. Hummingbird On The Honeysuckle
  23. Junco Bird In White
  24. Lazuli Bunting Birds Visiting
  25. Lewis Woodpecker of The High Desert of Oregon
  26. Male Red House Finch Feeding Mate
  27. Male Yellow Headed Black Bird
  28. Mountain Bluebird Encounter Oregon Bird Watching
  29. Mountain Chickadee
  30. Northern Shrike High Desert of Oregon
  31. Oregon Junco Bird Found A Seed
  32. Pair of Varied Thrush Birds
  33. Pheasant At My Garden
  34. Junco Bird In White
  35. Red-breasted Nuthatch by Coralie
  36. Robin Bird Fledgling
  37. Rosie Cheeks Woodpecker and Flicker Friend
  38. Ruby-crowned Kinglet Washing Himself
  39. Rufous Hummingbird In The High Desert
  40. Scrub Jay Playing With Food
  41. Spent Some time with this hummingbird
  42. Spotted Towhee In The High Desert
  43. The Robin Fledgling That Left The Nest
  44. The Tale Of The Stellers Jay
  45. Western Kingbird of Jefferson County Oregon
  46. Western Tanager Visiting The Garden
  47. White Crowned Sparrow Visiting The Garden
  48. White Crowned Sparrows Wintering in the High Desert
  49. White-crowned Sparrow Stopped By
  50. Wild Trumpeter Swan by Coralie
  51. Wilson's Warbler Bird
  52. Yellow-Rumped Warbler Bird
  53. hummingbird and the foxglove flower bloom
  54. oregon common merganser or gooseander
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